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This is where you initially Create your account and set your user name and password.  Once done, you should use the Log In/Out menu item when you come back to visit the site.  If you need to make changes to your account (like an address change), feel free to visit this page again.

Most users on My Gift IQ are Personal Accounts.  The Business Accounts are for our Sponsors that set up accounts to showcase their business and offer you additional gift ideas.  Sometimes they might be offering special discounts to My Gift IQ users, so be sure to check them out by clicking on the Businesses Menu item.

If you are setting up a Business Account and a Personal Account, they must be separate accounts with different user names and different email addresses.  Just create one, then logout and create the other.

**If you choose to use a Social Account to sign up, make sure you fill out the rest of our form.  All of the fields are not required, but a few are and your account cannot be created without them.  Your information is never shared with anyone, but some items below help friends and family find you more easily.  If using a Social Account to sign up, you need to know and fill in your User name and Password (on this sign up form) for that account.  Don’t worry, even we cannot see your password.  The reason you have to fill it in here is so My Gift IQ can store it with your Profile so when you come back later, go to the login page and click “Login with your Social Account,” the login/password matches.  If you’re not crazy about any of this, just sign up with a new and unique login/password for My Gift IQ and forget about using your Social Account.

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