Sample Profile View

This is actually a “View” of what someone (a friend or family member) would see if they went to My Gift IQ and searched for this person.  It’s appearance is similar to what a My Gift IQ Profile looks like, except that the Miscellaneous field has been moved to the top of the View (because the plugin makes it so easy to add items to your profile, so you may have many things here), and all the links (either typed into your Profile or put there via the plugin) are clickable, taking the person directly to items you love.

You’ll notice there are a lot of very specific items, because that’s what someone who is shopping for you wants to know!  While it’s nice knowing you might like shirts from Ralph Lauren, it’s much more helpful to tell or show someone a few specific shirts that you really want.  With the plugin, it’s so easy…while browsing the web, if you come across something you love, click it and it’s automatically added to your Gift IQ Profile.  Our Android App works the same if you install the My Gift IQ Sharing app.  It also lets you auto-add items from your phone using the Share feature.

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