My Gift IQ Sharing App

My Gift IQ Sharing (in the Google Play Store) is a FREE app that links other mobile applications and mobile browsers to your My Gift IQ account (at It’s a complementary app to the My Gift IQ application, but fully functional all by itself. We decided to make it as a separate, stand alone app because it’s such a fast and easy way to send items you find while shopping on your phone, directly into your Gift IQ Profile, without ever having to actually open any other application. After installing, launch it once, login to your My Gift IQ account, and that’s it. Whenever you’re shopping, or just looking around on your mobile browser. or in an app like Amazon, and you come across something that you’d like to save to your Gift IQ Profile, go into that apps sharing and select My Gift IQ Sharing. It automatically adds the URL of that item into the Miscellaneous field in your Gift IQ Profile. How easy is that? The next time a friend or family member calls to ask what they should get you for your birthday/Christmas/anniversary/valentines/etc…, tell them to check out your Gift IQ. They’ll find a link sending them to exactly what you want. It’s the perfect way to help others find great gift ideas for you.

If you’re not familiar with “application sharing,” here’s how it generally works. If you’re shopping in the Amazon app, once you find a specific item, scroll down just past the “Add to Cart” button, and you’ll see a “Share” button. Click that and window pops up listing all the other applications you can share that item with. My Gift IQ Sharing will be in that list…just click us. If you’re in a mobile browser, you typically select the browser menu, then select “Share.”