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Boost your Gift IQ with some of our premium features.

The My Gift IQ free membership and app is the perfect way to simplify your gift giving and receiving. But sometimes people want a little more…something extra.  That’s where our premium features come in.  What are they?

  • Camera Feature – In our phone app, use your camera inside the My Gift IQ app to snap images of potential gifts you love while shopping.  How simple is that?  See something you want while in a store, snap a picture of it and have it automatically added to your Gift IQ Profile.  Now your friends and family can see exactly what you want.
  • QR Code and Bar Code Scanners – Just like the camera, you can use the phone app’s scanner to quickly read in a Code and have it added to your Gift IQ Profile.
  • Birthday Notifications – How many times has a friend or relative’s birthday slipped by and left you feeling a little guilty?  With Birthday Notifications, you’ll be notified 10 days prior to birthdays of members you follow on My Gift IQ.
  • Calendar Link – A calendar to check upcoming events (birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Anniversaries, etc…)
  • Alternate Profiles for personal use – This is for items you purchase for yourself or home, like a/c filters, light bulb sizes/wattage, brand of pet food, brand/name of makeup product, specific medicine, etc…  This list is only for you to see.  Basically, all of your personal and household staples and infrequent, but specific purchases.

How do you get a Premium Account? 2 ways:

  1. Get others to enjoy all the benefits and fun of having their own Gift IQ Profile.  Invite your friends and family to join (via the Invite a friend to join! buttons on many of our pages).  You get 1 point every time you invite someone to join and another 10 points when they sign in and set up their own Gift IQ Profile.  When you reach or exceed 100 points, you earn a free premium account for 12 months.  How cool is that?  You win, and so does anyone you get to sign up!
  2. Buy it!  For $8.99 per year, you can have a premium account right now!