We’ve adding this new camera feature, and it’s free!  Use it to take pictures of gift ideas while your out shopping, so you don’t forget about those great things you see and want to receive later.  When you get home, or right there in the store, after snapping the image, jump over to your Gift IQ Profile page and add it to your Image Gallery (or add it to one of your kid’s Profile pages).  You can do this through your phone, or on our website via a PC.  If you see a button that says “Choose Files,” click there to add an image, otherwise click on any blank space in the gallery box to add an image (or to add another image).  Don’t forget to hit the submit button under the gallery field to save what you’ve uploaded!


At a later date, we plan to automate this so that the images auto-upload to your gallery, but for now, at least you can put it in there yourself, so your friends and family know what to get you!