As a wife, mom, daughter, sister, neighbor and friend, I’ve had years of gifting experience and have always been a great gifter. I love to surprise my friends and family at birthdays and Christmas, but over the past few years, this has become more difficult. Some are super picky or live far away and some already have everything! Not satisfied with just giving a generic gift card, I typically ask their spouse or parent for gift ideas and I do this EVERY YEAR. I feel like I’m forcing them to make me a list and it’s a little uncomfortable for both of us. On the flip side, I have relatives that are generous, yet because they don’t know what I like, they consistently gift generic items that are either not needed, take up precious space or have no relevance in my life. I hate that they wasted their money on items not suited for me. As a gracious person, I simply can’t allow myself to bring up the subject. Now with My Gift IQ, I will insist that all of my friends and family join and prior to birthdays and Christmas, I’ll be sure to remind them that I’ll be checking their profile for gift ideas and I hope they do the same. Pressure off. At last, problem solved! Even my hubby finds this helpful when he is “surprised” by our anniversary or Valentine’s Day. I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life and now gift giving (and receiving) is even better. I hope you feel the same way once you and your friends and family join My Gift IQ.

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For it is in giving that we receive” - Francis of Assisi

Here's a personal experience where My Gift IQ was amazing to have.  My brother was driving to Huntsville to visit our Mom.  He called to say he's almost there and was stopping to pick up some flowers for her.  I told him to hang on a minute, checked her Gift IQ on my phone (using the My Gift IQ Android app), and saw that her Profile said she liked sunflowers and daisies.  He was able to get her a bouquet that she truly loved and she was so surprised he picked out an arrangement that happened to be her favorite flowers.

My Gift IQ solves a problem that comes around a number of times each year..."What should I get (insert friend or family members name here) for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day?  We make the phone calls to ask, they give us vague answers that are rarely helpful.  We wonder what size they are, can't remember if it's dark or milk chocolate that they love, is their favorite wine from France or California, does little Johnny like Star Trek or Star Wars, and on, and on, and on.  My Gift IQ allows a user to create a personal profile (as well as profiles for their children) listing all the things that they love.  It's broken down into categories that cover almost any type of gift imaginable.  In it, you store all the things you'd like to receive.

But it's not just about what you want, or what your children want.  You can search for your friends and family's Gift IQ profile the next time their special day approaches, and feel great about giving them the perfect gift.  For many of us, giving a wonderful gift is even better than receiving one.

My Gift IQ is about smarter gifting, but that doesn't mean it's just for women.  How many men out their are caught driving home from work and realize that their wife or girlfriend's anniversary/birthday is just around the corner (like tomorrow)?  Now you can pull out your phone, launch My Gift IQ, look up her Gift IQ profile and find something she really wants in seconds.  If she's posted links in her profile, you can even order the item right there on the spot.

From now on, when your Mom calls asking what she should get you (or your spouse or children) for Christmas or for a birthday, tell her to check out your Gift IQ.  Picking up the kids in the car-pool lane is not the best time to try and remember all those great gift ideas.  You'll never again be put on the spot having to come up with some lame gift idea that you hope you can figure out a way to return.  Sign up with My Gift IQ today.  It may not be a site that you use every single day, but when you need it, it's GOLDEN!

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